Friday, June 27, 2008

Welcome to the GriffStratCon blog!

Welcome to the "GriffStratCon blog" of Griffen Strategic Consulting, PLLC, one of various ways that Griffen Strategic Consulting connects with people in business, government, education, the non-profit community, and religious institutions about the challenges and opportunites we face as members of an increasingly interdependent global society. The GriffStratCon Blog exists to share information and exchange insights about opportunities and challenges, problems and solutions, frustrations and break throughs, as we make our way through this phase of the 21st Century. But first, let me introduce Griffen Strategic Consulting, or "GSC," by anticipating and answering some questions.

  1. What is Griffen Strategic Consulting, PLLC? GSC is a strategic consulting company based in Little Rock, Arkansas that exists to help people in business, government, education, non-profits, and religious institutions understand and succeed as we face the realities of globalization, cultural competency, diversity and inclusion, strategic planning and organizational development, conflict resolution, team-building and morale, and cross-cultural interaction and cooperation. Think of GSC as a company dedicated to helping people better understand how to live and work together more effectively.
  2. Who writes the GSC Blog? Wendell Griffen, President and CEO of GSC.
  3. What will we talk about on the GSC Blog? We will talk about current events, emerging trends, ideas and history surrounding what people in business, government, education, non-profits, and religious institutions experience. We will talk about how we are alike, how we are different, and how our similarities and differences work on the way we live, work, play, communicate, and think.
  4. What's next? We will talk with each other about strategic planning, cultural competency, diversity and inclusion, public policy, and much more.

Finally, this is a Blog, but not a client newsletter. In coming weeks, GSC will launch its website and share more about what we do and how we do it. To obtain help from GSC, email, or phone (501) 416-1917.

Let's get started with a question. What does "global community" mean for the way we will live, learn, and earn in the coming years?

I'm Wendell Griffen, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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